Reading has been a pivotal influence in my growth. I can relate to Oprah when she says “Reading is my pass to freedom”. Below are my most recommended reads!


Principles : Ray Dalio

This book is filled with so many gems to get you closer to your goals! There are so many great lessons to learn! Quite frankly when people like Bill Gates tell you to read it - you just do! You can also follow the IG handle @Principles for daily gems.


Thomas Jefferson - The Art of Power : Jon Meacham

This is such a great read. I think there are many great lessons to be learned from reading about the life of Thomas Jefferson. His work ethic was undoubtedly one of his greatest assets!


The Four Agreements : Don Miguel Ruiz

This was a special gift from a dear friend and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. I managed to finish this book on a plane ride to Paris - it was a thought provoking great read.


The Book of Awakening : Mark Nepo

“More than anything, fear blinds, and only by stepping without hesitation into the next inch of the unknown can we build confidence in the life we are meant to live” - Mark Nepo. This is probably my favorite read of 2018! Every single passage in this book has something extraordinary to offer. I love that this book is in the form of daily entries and real life reflections, it is very easy to relate to.


Can’t hurt me : DAVID GOGGINS

I kicked off my 2019 reading list with this book. This book made me cry, it challenged me to analyze my limiting bad habits, it challenged me to look at my weaknesses and the things that trigger me, then it made me feel like I can take my life a few notches higher if I just deal with and overcome the identified limiting habits that sometimes rule my brain.


Shoe Dog : Phil Knight

There are many lessons to be learned from reading this book. It is always great to get an inside look at the journey of such a massive brand like Nike. We often think that success is linear - I think this book serves as an honest and realistic reminder that building a huge brand doesn’t come easy. Great read!


The Year of Yes : Shonda Rhimes

This book quickly became one of my favorite reads. Shonda writes in a way that makes you feel like you are having a conversation with her. As I prepared for my year of Yes this book inspired me in so many ways.


Outwitting the devil : Napoleon Hill

This book gave me a much needed reality check. It emphasized how important it is to be an independent thinker. It reinforced the importance of being present - avoid the drift and bad habits that force procrastination. It’s a game changer.


Becoming : Michelle Obama

It’s Michelle Obama - enough said! The amount of brilliance, triumph and confidence in this book makes it one of the best books of all time - for my generation. Michelle is truly one of a kind - a true inspiration.


Basic Black : Cathie Black

Cathie Black has an incredible story. I read this book about 5 years ago as a recommended read by one of the managing directors at a previous employer. I read this book every couple of years as a reminder that taking risk is necessary and stepping out of your comfort zone is scary but reaps great rewards.


Rise : Yesi Morillo

This book is perfect to keep in your bag, by your bedside, at your office desk - perfect to keep handy period. The affirmations on each page are easily digestible and can be added to your morning, afternoon and nightly self-care routine.


THE SEAT OF THE SOUL : gary zukav

You definitely have to read this book with an open mind. There were many new perspectives for me to consider as I read this book. That’s the point and power of reading to me. New perspective and concepts that broaden and stretch and challenge your way of thinking. I would also recommend watching his Oprah interview. There are so many theories on the soul and higher consciousness and divine purpose - this is one of those books that makes you go “hmmm” in a good way.