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THE PowHER Circle

THE PowHER Circle is the circle to be in. The community to join. It is an exclusive community of women that go on a journey to elevate their goals.

The Community is for women focused on their own and collective journeys to remove doubt, elevate confidence, and embrace their unapologetic PowHER in the pursuit of personal and professional goals.  




Wealth Management Consultant

The PowHER Circle created a supportive and empowering community and introduced me to incredible speakers which have truly expanded my vision of what I can achieve as a Latina in Finance. I learned the value of getting uncomfortable, sharing my authentic story, and reaching out to others to learn about their careers to demystify whether it is something I would like to pursue. As a first-generation college graduate, I have felt stuck for quite some time, and thanks to Angelica's encouragement and powerful example, I am excited about my future and excited to seek so many new opportunities I was once afraid to pursue. "

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THE PowHER Circle


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